Cablesoft Engineering

RF & Telecom Engineering and Testing


Cablesoft Engineering (CSE) is a RF spectrum analysis & telecommunications consulting & testing company. We specialize in RF spectrum analysis including calibrated field strength measurements for radio, television and wireless communications systems. We also provide off-air ATSC (8-VSB) testing and reception analysis; RF interference characterization and source location to 6.2 GHz including terrestrial interference, Cable Television FCC Proof of Performance testing, including NTSC-M analog testing to all Part 76 specifications and QAM analysis to ANSI/SCTE 40 2016 specifications, and Cable Television ‘technical due diligence’ for system sale or acquisition. And we now offer repair/refurbishing services along with training via video DVD for one brand and several models of spectrum/QAM analyzers. See the Repair Services page for more detail

CSE maintains full RF spectrum analysis capabilities from 9 KHz to 6.2 GHz. We have dedicated spectrum analyzers specific to RF characterization (including a ‘real time’ spectrum analyzer), cable television testing (analog and QAM analysis), plus a dedicated 8-VSB analyzer for ATSC off-air high definition signal analysis & testing.

The CSE business office (below) is located in the scenic Loess Hills area of southwestern Iowa, just outside the greater Omaha, NE area.